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Pianoworks is written especially for the older beginner - or anyone who prefers a more adult approach to learning. The books will help you to develop the skills to play in a range of styles, including classical, folk, and pop. The attractive easy pieces range from the great works of the past to the music of today. Pianoworks Book 2 is the second tutor book in the successful Pianoworks series, written especially for the older beginner. You'll find attractive and accessible pieces in a huge range of styles, with new techniques introduced at a steady pace. The CD includes performances, accompaniments, demonstrations, and aural and improvisation exercises. Contents The piano and its music Semiquavers Scales and arpeggios, hands together Minor keys New time signatures Dotted quavers Triplets Two voices in one hand Syncopation and swing Alberti bass Time signature changes Chromatic notes Harmonic building blocks Demisemiquavers Double dots Grace notes and ornaments Modes

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