Edexcel AS Music Study Guide 3rd Edition 2009+

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This Edexcel AS Music Study Guide - 3rd Edition for the Edexcel AS Music specification includes detailed notes on all of the set works for examination in June 2014 onwards, written in a clear and understandable style.
The text is illustrated throughout with helpfully annotated musical examples to support explanations of the concepts encountered in the music. It ends with an expanded glossary that relates technical terms to specific examples in the New Anthology of Music.
There are lots of questions to help you check that you have understood what you have read, and each section ends with sample questions of the type expected in the new specification. The authors offer guidance relating to Sections B and C of the Developing Musical Understanding paper, and help on the requirements for composing, and practical advice on performing.
This is a study guide you can use throughout your Edexcel AS Music course as an effective supplement to the work you do with your teachers.
[Please note that the Study Guide 2nd edition (RHG304) is still current as the specification has been extended. The set works for 2014 will be the same as those previously set for 2009, and those for 2015 the same as previously set for 2010: please see the Edexcel website for more information. The new edition will have the same content reordered and with the correct exam dates.]

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