Casio Celviano GP-400 Satin Black Digital Piano

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Developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein.

  • 88 full length wooden keys, as found in an acoustic grand piano.
  • Natural Grand Hammer Action mechanism.
  • Three European piano tones in one digital instrument, including a Bechstein D282 grand piano. 
  • Grand Acoustic speaker system.
  • Hall Simulator with 12 different concert halls. 
  • Casio Five Year UK warranty

The unique Concert Play feature gives you command of an entire symphony orchestra, with an expandable library of favourite classical pieces to play along to.

A six-speaker Grand Acoustic system delivers the power of an acoustic grand piano, whilst a Headphone Mode optimises the piano tone for silent practice.

You'll find that there are many tiny observations that make up the Grand Hybrid experience. From the height of the GP-400's music rest being the same as a concert grand piano, to the Hall Simulator recreating 12 famous concert hall acoustics, the attention to detail is breathtaking. 

The GP-400 has added duplex scaling resonance, simulating the brilliance and tonal character of the largest concert grand pianos. Action noise can also be mixed with the piano, providing those extra elements of nuance that breathe life into piano music. 

Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg In One

Every Casio Grand Hybrid can emulate the sound of three prestigious European grand pianos.

Berlin - A balanced, elegant sound. Ideal for playing impressionistic music.

Vienna - A brilliant, rich sound. Loved for its wide range of expression.

Hamburg - An impressive low range. A warm tone great for both soft & vigorous playing.




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