Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet Outfit with Gigbag

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Replacing the hugely popular Buffet B12 was never going to be easy.

The new Buffet Prodige has worked hard to ensure beginners on a budget can create the best sound possible. For the first time Buffet have moulded and drilled the bore entire in Europe in an effort to produce consistency and reliability. The new bore has been inspired by Buffet's E series clarinets which are aimed at grade 8 intermediate players so it's great to see this technology has filtered down to the student level. This new bore allows unprecedented ease of play, projection of sound and intonation

Buffet has also redesigned the bell to optimise projection.

Features on the Buffet Prodige include

Bb - 442 Hz Pitch

Co-Polymeric ABS body with the poly-cylindrical bore

Silver plated key work

17 keys, 6 rings, leather pads,

Adjustable Thumb Rest

Rubber Dampers

Blue steel spring

Supplied in a really cool lightweight back-pack case

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