Mahalo is the ukulele that most ukulele players start on. Why is Mahalo everybody's 1st choice?

 Well, there are many reasons but the key point is that Mahalo is the only company who put as much effort into their entry level ukes as they do into high quality models.

They select materials, carry strict inspection at every procedure of production by their own people, they listen to every quality comment from all of their customers and try their best to make improvements. They are proud to say that Even the Cheapest Ukulele Gets Every Care and Passion Needed for Serious Instruments.

That's why Ukers (ukulele players) all over the world make Mahalo the No. 1 choice for their 1st ukulele. At extremely affordable prices, you get a well constructed and great sounding ukulele that you will really enjoy playing around with.

Besides, Mahalo is also widely known for making crazily designed ukuleles that will totally blow your minds. For example, the Smiley Face uke, the Surf ukes and those Rock ukes. Watch out for more new designs in the near future.