Traveler Guitar Vaibrant Deluxe V88X Electric Travel Guitar, Hot Pink

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Welcome to the insane world of Vaibrant! Introducing the Vaibrant series from Traveler Guitar, our very own take on an iconic '80s classic. And no. We're not kidding. Just like everything else in our product lineup the Vaibrant is totally portable, but we didn't make it just for travel. The bodacious Vaibrant is designed to be used on the road, in the studio, on the stage, on planet Mars, WHEREVER DUDE. This is Vaibrant's world, we just live in it!

And look, the Vaibrant may be tons of fun and easy to travel with, but this bad boy is totally built for on-stage shredding. It's got a Floyd Rose bridge for cryin' out loud! This is the insane world of Vaibrant and we just live in it, so if you're up for it, get in. If not, get out of the way because we have some shredding to do!

Uppin' the ante with next-level fit, finish, and appointments. The V88X Vaibrant Deluxe is not only top-of-the- line in the insane world of Vaibrant, it's top-of-the-line PERIOD. For Traveler Guitar, for any guitar.

  • Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Floyd Rose 1000FRT Black Nickel Nut & Bridge
  • V88D Humbucker and V88D Single Coil w/Hum-Single-Hum configuration in Hot Pink
  • Custom Vaibrant Inlay
  • Electric Yellow Knobs
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • Deluxe gig-bag included

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