Paragon MD1 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Paragon is our very own, Mann's Music name brand! We endeavour to offer our customers competetively low prices without incurring a sacrifice in sound quality. Over the years we've tried many guitars at this price point and our MD-1 is the best we've discovered so far!

Representing the very best in value for it's designated price range, it comes highly recommended for the guitarist on a budget, or beginner not looking to break the bank on their first purchase. One characteristic cheaper acoustics usually have is that they tend to lack the deeper bass tones - and as a result, tend to sound thin and disappointing. Our Paragon MD-1 however, has a hefty bass response and as such sounds great, both for strumming and fingerpicking. You'll have no trouble bolstering your favourite melodies with a nice full tone!

For a cheaper guitar the setup is also decent and it arrives perfectly playable, straight out the box. This means it requires little in the way of preparation - the strings aren't too far away from the fingerboard, making them easy for a beginner to hold down.

The body size is classified as a Dreadnought. This is the most popular guitar shape as it is versatile and can cover many styles of music including pop, country, folk, blues and acoustic rock. It's a full-sized guitar, so is generally suitable for players aged 10+. The guitar comes ready-fitted with steel strings and will hold its tuning well once they've been tuned up and stretched in. There's also a strap button fitted on the bottom of the guitar for playing whilst standing up. Complimentary to the wood grain on the body, the finish is Natural Rosewood, with splash of Burnt Sienna-shade lacquer on the body-side.

To summarise, this guitar is fantastic value for money and offers players the essentials - excellent tone, stable tuning and comfortable playability!

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Because we receive these guitars directly from the manufacturer, there is no middle-man to speak of, which allows us to sell these beautiful instruments directly to you, at the low price we do. It alleviates shipping ETA, and means that should you experience a fault or issue regarding your purchase, any concerns are directly handled by ourselves.

Dimensions in inches: 41 height x 16 width x 5 depth

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