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Aulos Recorders

The trade mark AULOS is taken from Greek mythology meaning the Wind Instrument with double reed.

When Aulos plastic recorders - the first - were launched into the market in 1955, the name Aulos was chosen by Mr. Masaru Hanamura from the Japanese Ministry of Education. Since this time Aulos have been continually developing techniques to maintain and improve performance and quality.

Aulos recorders are currently used in schools not only in Japan but in more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to recorders, high precision instruments such as a traditional flute called Shinobue and Flauto Traverso have been successfully manufactured from their specially made resin. They are highly valued as excellent instruments.

The slightest shape difference in manufacture reflects timbre so their precision moulding has a tolerance in micron units (1/1000 millimetre). Experienced and skilful engineers are engaged in producing superb and uniform instruments in their factory in Japan. This is reflected in creating instruments of the highest quality.

Aulos continually strive to make the best, thus contributing to a standard of excellence in music making throughout the world.