Guitar Amplifiers

For all electric guitarists the amplifier is the holy grail of tone, perhaps even more so than guitar itself. The guitar amplifier was first seen In the 1930s but in a form that would be laughed at by today's standards.

Fender are responsible making some of the most recognisable amplifiers in history such as; the Tweed, the Blonde, the Brownface, the Blackface, the Silverface, the Redknob and the Twin. All three guitar advisors at Mann's Music are experts on fender amplifiers and own many models themselves.

The generic practise amp has seen a transformation in recent years. It used to sound uninspiring and dull but now you can easily be fooled into thinking that you are playing through a professional rig. The Yamaha THR is responsible for this fantastic evolution and it really is a weapon for any guitarist to have in their arsenal.