REDUCED! Elegy For John Fry - Jeffreys - String Orchestra

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A violin distantly remembered is represented at the opening of the work by the first violins playing sul tasto. This gives way to a quartet and this, in turn, to the string orchestra, without the double basses until the monotoned triple motif appears: this later appears as the quiet tolling of the bells of death, relentlessly increasing to form the climax that quickly dimishes, and soon a solo violin is heard above the orchestra to aver that the memory of John Fry's sudden death is overcome by the more abiding memory of his playing. The piece concludes with an incisive trio of chords that directly melt in the final chord of repose. The work was written as a tribute to a fine violinist and conductor and as a release of the anger within that such a rare musician never received the public acknowledgment he deserved! (John Jeffreys)

Duration 7 minutes

Full Score and Set of Parts (including 4/4/3/4/2 strings)

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