80 Graded Studies For Saxophone Book One

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Selected and edited by John Davies and Paul Harris for both Alto and Tenor Saxophones. Includes music by Arben, Baermann, Blatt, Hunke and Lazarus and all have been arranged in order of difficulty. 

Pieces from this edition have been selected for the ABRSM Tenor and Alto Saxophone Examinations Grades 1-4.


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Customer Rating This is an excellent book for improving reading, technique (fingers and articulation) and fluency, and also for learning the terms that relate to dynamics and expression. The pieces stay in the easy keys with major and minor tonalites covered so it's good for making learning scales seem relevant to the student as well. The level of difficulty, introduction of new time signatures, increasing range and rhythmical complexity are all well paced. The studies themselves are short, melodic and well written and students can learn to play a study in one or two weeks so can feel they are making good musical progress. All the pieces are in a classical style but few of them are a bit "tra la la". However, all the studies, without exception, teach an important musical topic in a short space of time. This is one of the books I use to teach adults and children, with equal success and of all the study books of this kind that I know, I think this is the best one. 
amy gamlen

Customer Rating Very comprehensive book with enjoyable tunes for every level.

Customer Rating This book is very good and was delivered on time. 

Customer Rating Have been teaching myself the alto sax and this is proving to be a great book to go onto once the basics have been learnt.
See more reviews by Joandemy - (Worcester, United Kingdom)

Customer Rating I am working through part 1 as a relative novice and without a teacher. The material is actually interesting to play: it is properly graded as far as I can judge, and the pieces contain some fine melodies. At the same time each piece contains subtle technical tasks designed to improve your playing across the board. Excellent product!
See more reviews by - (Westbury, United Kingdom)

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