Animations: 27 pieces on the lively side

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Animations is a collection of pieces focusing on lively rhythms and sparkling, articulate music not all of it at faster tempos. There are goblins and grasshoppers, gypsies and witches; Grieg and Goldschmidt co-exist with Horne and Hummel; there is entertaining and sometimes unfamiliar music by Scarlatti, Schumann and Chopin. There is dance music a plenty, as you would expect in an album devoted to movement, and as well as a waltz and a mazurka, there is a gigue by Reger and a galop by Casella. Songlist:Schumann: Gypsy Dance (from Drei Klavier-Sonaten für die Jugend op. 118 no. 3/iii)Dorne: In seven (from Six Short Studies)Mendelssohn: Song without words op. 102 no. 3Copland: The young pioneersJ. N. Hummel: Allegro (from Caprice op. 49)Reger: Gigue (from Zehn kleine Vortragsstücke op. 44 no. 6)Prokofieff: Procession of the grasshoppers (from Musiques d'enfants op. 65 no. 7)C. Ph. E. Bach: Allegro assai (from Sonata Wq 55/II)Schubert: Minuet no. 23 (from Zwanzig Menuette D 41)Goldschmidt: ScherzoDunhill: A dulcimer tuneKodály: Children's dance no. 11Tchaikovsky: The witch (from Album pour enfants op. 39 no. 20)Davies: Piano piece no. 19Grieg: Tomorrow you will marry (from 19 Norske Fokeviser op. 66 no. 10)D. Scarlatti: Sonate K 431Kullak: Playing in the fields op. 62 no. 4Benjamin: Haunted houseSchubert: Minuet no. 11 (from Zwanzig Menuette D 41)Quilter: Goblins (from Country Pieces op. 27 no. 2)Casella: Galop final (from Children's Pieces)Heller: Study op. 47 no. 11Hofmann: 'Hungarian' (from Stimmungsbilder op. 88 no. 4)Bartók: Winter solstice song (from Gyermekeknek (For Children))Mozart: Allegro (from Piano sonata K 282)van Wilm: Butterfly op. 235 no. 2Couperin: Air in the Polish style (aus Ordre XX)

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