Russian Piano Music - 24 Piano Pieces

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Glinka and Gubajdulina are the chronological cornerstones featured on the cover. But in between, you’ll find well-known composers (Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, Scriabin, Kabalevsky, Shostakovich) and exciting new discoveries (Gravilin, Kossenko, Mylnikov). The result is a well-sorted mixture of "Russian Piano Music." Russia, a land with a long pianistic tradition, is presented here in a multi-faceted way with a compelling assortment of pieces. The subtitle "Play-Experience-Enjoy" also keeps its promise: these 24 pieces, ranging from easy to moderately difficult, are supplied with extensive comments of special interest to piano teachers by the renowned pedagogue Linde Grossmann.

To the sample of notes Glazunov, Miniature.
The charm of this little piece is enhanced by a harmonic peculiarity: it cadences in C major at the beginning, at the start of the recapitulation, and at the end (where it is further reinforced by a four-measure pedal point); but otherwise it raises the question as to whether it might not be in the parallel key of a minor after all. This ambiguity and avoidance of clear cadences in the course of the work gives the piece a strong inner cohesion in spite of the broadly observed structure in groups of four measures. This large-scale plan suggests that Glazunov's experiences in the domain of large symphonic works might have found their expression here in a smaller dimension as well. The capricious character of this piece is also emphasized by the transparency of the piano writing and by a rhythm that recalls the mazurka (the frequent dotting of the first quarter and accented, extended third quarters in the measure). The many arpeggiated chords keep the sound from becoming too thick. Try to avoid using arm pressure and concentrate instead on a rapid alternation of the fingers. While the staccato eighths in the accompaniment at the reprise heighten the general lightness of the piece, they should not affect the use of the pedal.

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