Ukulele Basics Repertoire (Easy Ukulele) by Alex Davis

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Ukulele Basics Repertoire offers a tempting assortment of children's songs, popular music, folk songs and film themes, specially chosen and arranged for young beginners aged 6+. Designed both to consolidate and further the techniques introduced in Ukulele Basics, this pocket collection introduces new skills and concepts gradually over the course of the book. It:

  • includes chordal arrangements of He's A Pirate, Greased Lightning, Hokey Cokey and The Animals Went In Two By Two;

  • explores new chords, strumming patterns and rhythms, including Dm, Bb, E7 and Gm chords and semiquaver rhythms;

  • provides opportunities for practising fast chord changes;

  • introduces new time signatures 6/8 and 3/2;

  • develops general musicianship; and

  • follows the fun but clear approach of the tutor book.

Practical and fun, this is an ideal resource for group and individual teaching and the perfect companion to Ukulele Basics.


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