REDUCED! A Way In A Manger - Ruth Kenward & Caroline Kimber

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Children's musical nativity play with 6 songs 1 dance for age 6 to 9 years with a running time of approximately 25 mins. It’s Christmas Eve; Anna and her brother Ben are sweeping out the stable. Anna tells Ben about a story* their grandmother has told her. Grandma says that on this special evening the animals talk, and – at midnight – they kneel down. Ben is sceptical, but as soon as the children leave, the animals begin to chatter! Donkey is proud that one of his ancestors carried Mary to Bethlehem, but when everyone begins to sing ‘Away In A Manger’, he misunderstands the words. ‘What is a way?’ he asks. With the help of the animals, the narrators and some catchy songs, Donkey finds out more about the baby in the manger and why he came, as God in human form, to teach people ‘a way to live’. Anna and Ben return at midnight to find a nativity scene with all the animals kneeling down! (* from old English folklore)

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