Raise the Bar Piano Book 1 (Initial to Grade 2)

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Raise the Bar Piano Book 1 is a collection of the most popular pieces from past Trinity piano syllabuses, accompanied by teaching notes, for Initial to Grade 2. Designed for use alongside exam preparation or simply for pleasure, the books provide an essential resource for musicians looking to broaden their repertoire. Expertly graded by leading music educators, covering a wide range of styles and genres. Beautifully designed and typeset making for easy reading aesthetic and functional.



  • Initial Grade:
  • Teaching Notes
  • Miaou, Miaou (Mani)
  • The Sleeping Doll (Akimov)
  • Little Snow-bearing Clouds (Garscia)
  • Roundabout (Wright)
  • Silent Movie (Sebba)
  • Watcha Doin' ? (Sebba)
  • Airs and Graces (Sebba)
  • Poco Allegro (Hässler)
  • Children's Dance (Kodály)
  • A Porcupine Dance (Kabalevsky)
  • Enroulez le Fil (Wind the bobbin up) (Trad. French)
  • The Little Dove (Trad. Czech)
  • Grade 1:
  • Teaching Notes
  • Allegretto in C (Diabelli)
  • Melodie (i.e Couppey)
  • Dance (Goedicke)
  • Safe Landing (Maxwell Davies) Reggae (Norton)
  • Courante (Greenidge)
  • Grade 2:
  • Teaching Notes
  • Minuet (Sheeles)
  • Allegro in G (L Mozart)
  • Waltz (Clementi)
  • Jack Tar (Rowley)
  • King s Cross (Williamson)
  • The Sparrow (Lvov-Kompaneets)
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