Dexibell Classico L3 Digital Organ

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T2L (True 2 Life) is DEXIBELL's key technology.

Dexibell created T2L to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of sound timbre relative to the dynamic articulation of the pianist.
It combines the following significant innovations.


DEXIBELL exceeds the current standard of 16-bit and 44.1 KHz, the standard audio CD reproduction, with the use of higher definition, both in the "waveforms" format and also in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analogue (DAC). 16-bit represents the audio in 65,356 levels, while 24-bit can represent it more widely in 16,777,216 levels, 256 times greater.

T2L has the 24-bit technology together with the 48 KHz sample rate. T2L has significantly improved both the frequency response and the dynamic range of audio.

At the heart CLASSICO L3 lies an incredibly powerful "Quad Core" processor capable of managing 320 digital oscillators. This huge number of oscillators allows for the simulation of all elements, sounds and noises which culminate to model the T2L sound.

T2L allows CLASSICO L3 to contributes stimulating the realistic responsiveness of a real Organ through virtually unlimited polyphony.

With T2L, in CLASSICO L3 the recorded waveform length of each individual note, is between 3 and 15 times higher than the equivalent products currently on the market.

A low note on CLASSICO L3 has an original waveform of 15 seconds. The current average is between 1 and 5 seconds.

The result is astonishing realism and vitality of the harmonics through the evolution of the sound of the held notes.

Common specification:

"T2L" sampling & modelling technology, reactive to player articulation

Audio quality 24 bit linear, 48 Khz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)
Unlimited Polyphony 320 oscillators
XXL samples Holophonic waves up to 15 seconds on lower Piano notes
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Display 128 x 64 High Contrast Organic LED
EFX 7 Reverb, 3 Tremulant
Player/Recorder WAV 48KHz, 32bit floating
USB to Host (MIDI), to Device (Memory)
Keyboard Mode 3 Parts (MANUAL I - MANUAL II - PEDAL)
iOS App compatible with XMURE (available on Apple Store)

Keyboard 76 keys with dynamic
Sounds 5 Organ types: Baroque, Romantic,
Symphonic, Classic, Positive, User 1, User2
Pedal: 3 Stops
Manual I: 7 Stops
Manual II: 6 Stops
Orchestral Voices: 34
Memory Pistons 4 x 3 Banks under the keyboard saveable and loadable on USB mem.
Controllers Balance 1 x Knob
Volume 1 x Knob
Reverb Depth 1 x Knob
Fine Tuning 1 x Knob
Audio IN 1 x Knob
Tone/Level 1 x Encoder
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Amplification 35 W x 2
DBass Enhancer
Dynamic EQ
3 Band Comp.
SPL 108.1 dB Max
Speakers 2 x full range
Connections Stereo Outputs
Stereo Audio In
USB Host
USB Device
2 Headphones - -
MIDI in,out,thru

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