My First Concert for Violin & Piano

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The edition 'Mein erstes Konzert' [My First Concert] contains 22 easy pieces for lessons, first recitals or pupils' competitions. This volume takes the player on a musical journey through five epochs - from the Renaissance era via the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras to contemporary music. A special highlight is the large number of pieces of popular music, including motivating pieces from the areas of pop music, jazz, spiritual, bossa nova and tango most of which have been specially composed for this volume. Most works can be played after two years of lessons already; all pieces are in the first position and can be played in the four fingering patterns. To two compositions requiring position playing, an easier alternative has been added. Fingerings for position playing can of course be entered in the pieces by the teacher to improve the tonal result.
L. Milán: Pavane (Renaissance) 
- G. Finger: Air (Baroque) 
- F. Duval: Un peu gay (Baroque) 
- G.P. Telemann: Largo (Baroque) 
- G. Kirchhoff: Allegro ma moderato (Baroque) 
- I. Pleyel: Rondo (Classical) 
- D. Steibelt: Un Ballo (Classical) 
- C. Dancla: Rondo (Romantic) 
- E. Elgar: Andante (Romantic) 
- A. Gretchaninoff: Der Spaßvogel (Romantic) 
- C. Orff: Andante (Contemporary) 
- C. Orff: Spiellied (Contemporary) 
- E. Pütz: Spiritual (Contemporary) 
- B. Heller: Lalai - Schlaflied zum Wachwerden (Contemporary) 
- J. Moser: Abenddämmerung (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- M. Schoenmehl: Fips in the Park (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- P. Mohrs: Princess Sivama's Song (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- G. Koeppen: Windlied (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- G. Koeppen: Chillout (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- D. Kemminer: Like a Bird (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- D. Kemminer: Un sueño truncado (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more) 
- P. Mohrs: Song for Friends (Pop, Jazz, Tango and more)

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