My First Concert for Cello & Piano

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The present volume contains a selection of very easy recital pieces for violoncello and piano which can be played in the first position after 1-2 years of cello lessons. The selected pieces are original works from the Renaissance period to the present day: from the Baroque minuet, the classical sonatina or the Romantic character piece to contemporary music and tango, blues or pop. The pieces are suitable for individual, group and chamber music lessons, for practising on one's own and especially for the first auditions, concerts or competitions. A musical journey through 500 years of cello music!
  - D.L. Milan: Pavane
  - Fesch: Arietta from: Sonata D minor, op. 8
  - G. Cirri: Menuetto from: Sonata No. 3 major
  - C. Schaffrath: Allegro from: Sonata G major
  - S. Paxton: Allegretto from: Sonata D major, op. 3/2
  - J. Reinagle: Allegro
  - Andante
  - Presto
  - A. Gretchaninoff: Morning Stroll, op. 12/1
  - Twilight, op. 12/4
  - On Winter's Eve, op. 12/6 from: Early Morning
  - H. Schlemüller: Scherzo, op. 12/3
  - Ländler, op. 12/4
  - B. Stürmer: Allegro giocoso from: Kleine Hausmusik (1937)
  - P. Hindemith: Leichtes Stück from: Drei leichte Stücke (1938)
  - B. Heller: Lalai. A lullaby to awaken you?
  - H. Regner: From Another Planet from: My Favourite Song from Yesterday
  - E. Pütz: Spiritual from: Short Stories
  - F. Wunsch: Dorian Blue (Jazz)
  - G. Koeppen: Wind Song (Rock)
  - Diso Hit (Funk-Pop)
  - At the Beach (Bossa Nova)
  - D. Kemminer: Lords of Chords (Metal-Cello-Rock)
  - Los ninos del Tango (Tango)
  - Shana Tova (New Year) (Klezmer)

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