Mozart Serenade G Major Flute and Piano

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he pleasant, much-loved melodies of Mozart's Little Night Music have introduced people all over the world to classical music. A Mozart series would not be complete without "A Little Night Music". As the opening movement is the best-known part of the serenade, an arrangement of all four movements of work, which was originally composed for string ensemble, is a welcome addition to the repertory for flute and piano. As an epitome of classical music and perhaps Mozart's most famous composition, "A Little Night Music" is particularly well-suited for this instrumentation. The character, phrasing, and sound of the melody (originally played by the first violin) ideally fit the flute, an instrument that Mozart was very fond of. Likewise, the string section parts lend themselves to a piano transcription. 

The piano part remains transparent enough to not overpower the flute. The difficulty level of both parts is medium. Once you have gotten to know the Romance, Menuetto con Trio, and Rondo, you are sure to enjoy them as much as the beloved opening Allegro.

• One of Mozart's great masterpieces arranged for flute and piano - a popular ensemble combination 
• Medium difficulty level accommodates instrumentalists without sacrificing 
the original work's unique character, style, and authenticity 
• In addition to the famous opening movement of the serenade, all remaining movements of the "Little Night Music" have been included to present the classical masterpiece in its entirety.

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