Lee: 40 Melodious & Progressive Studies for Cello

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This collection of etudes by the virtuoso Sebastian Lee was used as a standard work for cello lessons at the Paris Conservatoire back in the 19th century. For thorough technical training and education, the etudes remain just as relevant today. In this new edition, in two volumes, any departures from the original are clearly marked. In addition useful tips and suggestions for practising have been added.
  - Preface
  - Cantabile
  - Double stops
  - Various Bowings
  - Arpeggios
  - Use of the Thumb
  - For a Broad Bowing Style
  - Appoggiatura and Turn
  - Changing Bowings
  - The Right Wrist
  - Characteristic Study
  - The Trill
  - Finger Dexterity Study
  - Relaxation Study
  - Double stops
  - Chroomatic Study
  - Octaves

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