Kawai K200 Upright Piano Polished Ebony With Millenium III Action

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KAWAI are rapidly becoming one of the world's leading home piano brands - and their K-200 is a shining example of modern piano design and sound! Representing KAWAI at the very top of their game, and standing at a convenient 48", the K-200 is easily KAWAI's most popular upright piano, making use of high quality components and constructed to the highest standard. With capabilities of Grade 8+, and a warm, evenly-balanced tone, the K-200 is the perfect instrument for the seasoned professional, and a sophisticated starting point for new musicians.

The K-200 offers a cabinet size that works very well for smaller studios, and at the same time gives a rich and luxuriant tone that works with all styles of music. On opening the K-200's lid it becomes obvious where your investment is being made - the K-200's body features a solid Spruce Soundboard, which helps to capture the resonance of those resonant, bass-tone values which for us, really formulate the heart of this gorgeous piano!

  KAWAI pianos are often compared with similar Yamaha models, though where Yamaha are the masters of traditional piano-making, Kawai are at the forefront of cutting edge, ergonomic design, and this really is demonstrated through their acute attention to detail. Mahogany, double felted hammers provide the basis for a crisp and clear acoustic, and the Millenium III's Carbon Fiber Action, creates an effortless, efficient play feel - simply put, an increased stamina and less tired fingers! This not only improves player-control, but also improves tonality and complexity of sound, especially when playing the upper dynamic range. Those Mahogany Double Felted hammers work as additional insurance against distortion.

Kawai have simplified their K-range design, by eliminating complicated lines, resulting in a modern, simple elegance. The addition of a longer, more spacious music rest is just one of many little additions we're sure you'll appreciate. The K-200 incorporates some of the very latest in technology and design into an upright piano:

Soft Fall System - A unique piano lid closure system, designed to eradicate harm to both piano and fingers alike; useful if you've got curious little fingers around!

Millenium III Carbon Fibre Action -Not meaningless sales jargon, but Kawai's modern take on traditional piano design. Piano hammers are usually fabricated from wood, however, Kawai have replaced some components with ABS Carbon Fiber. This ingenuitive addition, reduces player fatigue, and increases both durability and speed, allowing for a faster, more responsive set of keys.

Other useful features include:

- Cast Brass Pedals

- Brass Front Casters

- Wide Music Rack

- Energy-Reflecting Contour Bars

- Tapered, Solid Spruce Soundboard

- Striking, Elegant Design

- Increased Dynamic Range

- NeotexTM Key Surfaces

- 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Fashioned from KAWAI's trademarked NEOTEX key surface material, made using cellulose fiber and a semi-porous, silica-filled surface, which simulates the feeling of natural ebony and ivory. Neotex is an absorbant composite material that adeptly handles naturally occusing hand oils and perspiration which can exacerbate slipping - an annoyance to many a pianist! Neotex stands the test of time, by resisting cracking and fading, and is used across the entire keyboard on both the sharps and natural keys.

 KAWAI's K-200 comes finished in a gorgeous Polished Ebony finish, and is also available with Nickel Hardware as opposed to Chrome.



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