Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

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are rapidly becoming one of the leading piano brands worldwide!

For the price, there's a lot to love about the ES110 - as the very latest addition to KAWAI's highly respected series of portable pianos it truly reflect's KAWAI's exceptional attention to detail, and consistently high quality. Where Yamaha are renowned for their traditionally-made acoustic pianos, KAWAI are at the forefront of ergonomics, combining tradition with technology, to produce a truly modern instrument that would be a suitable instrument for gigging for a travelling musician, or a good beginner piano for aspiring musicians unsure of whether to commit to the price tag of an expensive acoustic or digital home piano.

What is perhaps most impressive about this portable digital set of keys is its weight - or lack thereof! Weighing just 12 Kilos, the ES110 is ideal for gigging musicians looking for a portable instrument, designed with authentic touch in mind, and a range of 19 high quality sounds. The ES110 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai's highly acclaimed concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using advanced Harmonic Imaging technology, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness.

The ES110 makes use of an inbuilt feature, "Responsive Hammer Compact Action," - realistic materials, motion, and mechanism, effectively simulating the feel of a traditional grand, and each key's sample is directly derived from Kawai's three most luxurious grand pianos. This handy feature allows both new and professional level players, to experience and improve their playing on a set of weighted, realistic keys, a critical aspect that finds many a digital keyboard lacking, feeling and sounding plastic-y and dull in comparison.


Key Features Include:

- Ivory Touch

Kawai's standard key material, designed with sweaty fingers in mind! This finely textured, smoothly matted material works to absorb perspiration and skin oils, and allowing for slip-free playing!

- Triple-Sensor Key Detection

Responsive Hammer Compact Action uses Kawai's latest key pressure detection mechanism in order to create realism and accuracy. The third sensor is installed with 'layering' specifically in mind, and allows for multiple notes to be played in succession, working to gradually build sound on top of each separately played note.

- 88-Key Piano Sampling

KAWAI directly derives the CA17's beautiful digital piano sound-scape from it's very own Concert Grands! The rich, expressive tone of the the SK-EX and EX concert grand pianos is at the heart of this beautiful, digital set of keys. All eighty-eight have been separately recorded, analysed and reproduced, resulting in a high-fidelity, digital waveform of a natural acoustic sound.

- Harmonic Imaging XL Technology

Not jargon, but a useful system designed to capture neccesary dynamic variation. Each key-sample is recorded at a wide variety of differing volume levels, from pianissimo to fortissimo, and blended together to create smooth and flawless tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.

- Built-In Lessons

The CA17 has a brilliantly useful lesson function, including classical Czerny, Beyer, and Burgmuller etudes, and a collection of songs from the popular Alfred series course books - great for little aspiring musicians!

- Internal Recorder

The ES110 has a built in song recorder with an approximately 15,000 note memory capacity.

- Jacks 

Line Out (L/Mono, R), MIDI (IN/OUT), Damper (für F-10H Pedal), Headphones x 2.

- Included Accessories

F-10H damper pedal (with half-pedal support), Music rest, AC power adaptor PS-129.

- Optional Stand and Triple Pedals

Transform the ES110 into an ultra-compact piano replacement suitable for any room with the matching HML-1 stand and F-350 triple pedal accessories.

- 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Other useful features include a breathtaking reverb, additional voices and a powerful digital effects engine with a selection of non-acoustic piano sounds (ranging from Electric Piano, Church Organ, Strings, Human Choirs and Synthesizer Pads); realistically weighted pedals compliment the immersiveness of the keys, accurately replicating the individual weights of the damper, soft and sostenuto pedals of the Kawai Grands; and integrated Bluetooth MIDI and USB Connectivity, perfect for recording artists, and comes with a manufacturer's 5 Year Warranty.

This model comes in a standard Black Finish.


HML-1 stand und F-350 triple pedals

ES110 with HML-1 and F-350

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