Paragon S-Type Electric Guitar

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Paragon is our fantastic in-house range of guitars, offering excellent value for money - be you a returning master or a keen novice, looking to start out on your musical journey!

Widely touted as a great guitar to learn on, this sturdy, Strat-shape electric guitar features a solid wooden body with a maple neck and fingerboard - perfect if you'd like to try your hand at learning a new instrument, but find yourself not quite ready to commit to the expensive price tag of a better known brand.

The ST38M is has a cut-away neck, allowing for easier fretboard access, and is contoured along the back, making it easier to hold.

The neck consists of the standard 21 frets, scale length 648mm and the 3 single coil pickups have a five way lever switch for tonality change, so this versatile instrument would also be a suitable purchase for a more experienced guitarist, searching for a decent quality sound whilst working on a lower budget.

The pickguard is 3 ply white/black/white and the machine heads are a high quality diecast - the ST38M doesn't easily waver once it has been tuned, which can cut out a lot of hassle, especially if you're still getting to grips with your new-found pursuit. This particular model is fitted with three controls to alter volume and tone, and a tremolo bar for that shimmering vibrato. In short, it's a classic!

Because we receive these guitars directly from the manufacturer, there is no middle-man to speak of. This not only greatly alleviates ETA, but means that should you experience a fault or issue regarding your purchase, any concerns are directly handled by ourselves - we won't fob you off, and you won't be left stranded.

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