Line 6 POD HD Pro X Rackmount Effects Unit

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Key benefits compared to other products

Fit the incredible power of the POD HD series into your guitar or studio rack - add an FBV Shortboard Mk II foot controller for quick controls.

POD HD Pro X delivers the ultimate HD tone engine for your rack. Use it as an audio interface for the studio, stage and anywhere in between. Plug in a mic to track vocals or acoustic instruments. Record your HD tones directly into any DAW via USB. Just add a Line 6 FBV foot controller for complete control over your presets, parameters and more.

POD® HD500X and Pro X deliver an incredible combination of powerful features and amazing tone to inspire your creativity. Featuring extraordinary depth, character and versatility, POD HD X multi-effects will take your playing and your sound further than ever before. Combine it with the FBV Shortboard Mk II to use it as a MIDI controller in the ultimate audio interface for recording guitar and the center of your performing universe. With cutting-edge technology and all the power you need to define your sound, POD HD Pro X is the most advanced POD multi-effects - ever.

Stunning sound quality. Amazing detail.

POD HD Pro X multi-effects come complete with the most sought-after collection of HD amps and guitar effects. Line 6's powerful HD technology lets you experience each amp in stunning detail. Create lush sonic soundscapes and inspire your playing with studio-quality effects. You can even expand your tonal palette by adding amp model packs - available from our online store. POD HD X multi-effects give you the building blocks to create any signal chain imaginable.

Express your creativity like never before.

POD HD Pro X has more processing power than any other multi-effect in its class. Dynamic DSP lets you stack the amps and effects you want - where you want them - to craft unique new guitar tones or re-create celebrated classics. POD HD X multi-effects give you the freedom to innovate, and the power to express your creativity like never before.

Whether you're tracking or performing, POD HD Pro X multi-effects are perfect for studio and stage. It provides complete flexibility, providing all the ins and outs you need to connect your stage equipment and record in the studio.

Command center for your guitar experience.

Combine the POD HD Pro X with a James Tyler® Variax® guitar and DT amp or StageSource® loudspeaker to form the Line 6 Dream Rig - the only system that can instantly become virtually any rig. With the press of a single footswitch, you can recall up to 512 totally different rigs - with changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type, polyphonic alt-tuning, effects chain and more. With StageSource L2m, you've got a cutting-edge, full-range, flat-response guitar system that delivers consistent tone at any volume - from studio to rehearsal, to the gig.

HD Amp Modeling ?
Guitar Amps 29
Guitar Preamps 29
Guitar Cabs 17 (with 8 selectable mics)
Bass Amps 1
Bass Cabs 1 (with 8 selectable mics)
Stomp & Studio Effects 100+
Parallel Audio Paths (Dual Tone) ?
User-Writable Presets 512
Set Lists 8
48-Second Looper ?
Global EQ ?
Programmable MIDI Controller ?
USB Audio Interface ?
Chromatic Tuner ?
Tap Tempo ?
1/4" Guitar Input with Programmable Variable Impedance ?
1/4" Aux Input  
1/4" Left and Right Line Inputs, Switchable -10/+4 ?
XLR Microphone Input with Integrated Preamp ?
Mic Phantom Power, -20dB Pad, High Pass Filter ?
1/4" Stereo FX Loop, Switchable Line/Instrument Level ?
1/8" Stereo CD/MP3 Input  
1/4" Stereo Outputs, Switchable Line/Instrument Level ?
XLR Balanced Stereo Outputs, Switchable Line/Mic Level ?
1/4" Stereo Headphones Output ?
1/4" Dry Output for Reamping ?
AES/EBU Input ?
AES/EBU Output ?
S/PDIF Out ?
USB 2.0 ?
VDI Input for Variax Guitar Integration ?
L6 LINK for DT25, DT50 and StageSource Integration ?
FBV Connector for Line 6 Floorboard Integration ?
Onboard Expression Pedal  
1/4" Expression Pedal 2 Input  
Built-in footswitches  
6 Instant-Access Amp Knobs ?
Master Volume Knob ?

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