Paragon TB610R Electric Bass Guitar

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Paragon is our very own, Mann's Music name brand! We endeavour to offer our customers the very best value instruments without incurring a sacrifice in sound quality.

The TB610R is our standard-shape bass guitar - it's ideal for those who are just starting out and wanting to get a feel for their instrument without breaking the bank. The visual aesthetic of this guitar makes it very much a product of it's time - a modern, minimal yet edgy design, consisting of bold colouring, a sturdy wooden body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and high-quality diecast machine heads. The neck consists of the standard 24 frets with standard inlays. It has two pickups, providing a hearty sound with plenty of punch and tone. Our TB610R is fitted with two controls to alter the pickup volumes independently, and one tonality control - this ensures the ability to blend the tonality between each pickup separately; a useful little feature! 

The overall build-quality is excellent, and all accessories are chrome finished - it should last many years to come, and keep the amateur bassist on their toes and ready to take enjoyment of their pursuit to the next level. This model is high-gloss finished in a fiery, three-tone Sunburst!

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Because we receive these guitars directly from the manufacturer, there is no middle-man to speak of, which allows us to sell these beautiful instruments directly to you, at the low price we do. It alleviates shipping ETA, and means that should you experience a fault or issue regarding your purchase, any concerns are directly handled by ourselves.

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