Classical Music for Children for Easy Piano

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The most beautiful and best-known pieces, chosen for piano lessons and for the first audition at the music school.
  - J. Pachelbel: Fuga C major
  - J.K.F. Fischer: Praeludium Harpeggiato
  - C. Petzold: Menuett G major
  - C. Petzold: Menuett G minor
  - J.-P. Rameau: Menuet D major
  - G.F. Handel: Sarabande D minor
  - G.F. Handel: Gavotte G major
  - J.S. Bach: Menuet D minor
  - J.S. Bach: March D major
  - J.S. Bach: Menuet G major
  - J.S. Bach: Musette
  - J.S. Bach: Prelude C major BWV 939
  - J.S. Bach: Prelude C minor BWV 999
  - J.S. Bach: Prelude C major BWV 846
  - M. Clementi: Sonatine C major
  - W.A. Mozart: Menuet G major
  - W.A. Mozart: Menuet F major
  - W.A. Mozart: Allegro Bb major KV 3
  - W.A. Mozart: Rondeau KV 15d
  - T. Attwood: Sonatine G major
  - L.v. Beethoven: Sonatine G major
  - L.v. Beethoven: Sonatine F major op. 36/1
  - L.v. Beethoven: Für Elise
  - L.v. Beethoven: Bagatelle op. 119/1
  - H. Bertini: Prelude
  - F. Burgmüller: Arabesque
  - F. Burgmüller: Restlessness op. 100/18
  - F. Burgmüller: Ballade op. 100/15
  - F. Chopin: Prélude op. 28/4
  - F. Chopin: Valse op. posth.
  - R. Schumann: Humming Song
  - R. Schumann: Chorale
  - R. Schumann: Little Studie op. 68/14
  - R. Schumann: The Wild Horsemann op. 68/8
  - R. Schumann: Soldier's March op. 68/2
  - R. Schumann: The Merry Peasant op. 68/10
  - R. Schumann: First Loss op. 68/16
  - R. Schumann: Dreaming op. 15/7
  - C. Gurlitt: Theme with Variations from op. 228
  - C. Franck: Les Plaintes d'une Poupée
  - P.I. Tschaikowsky: Ancient French Song op. 39/16
  - P.I. Tschaikowsky: The Sick Doll op. 39/6
  - P.I. Tschaikowsky: Sweet Dreaming op. 39/21
  - E. Grieg: Norwegian op. 12/6
  - C. Debussy: Le petit nègre
  - A. Gretchaninoff: Njanja is ill
  - A. Gretchaninoff: Lullaby
  - A. Gretchaninoff: The Little Show-Off op. 119

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