Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs

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Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs is more than just a wonderful collection of 130 choir exercises including 50 rounds. Michael Griffin, who has taught and consulted throughout the world, shares timeless wisdom to help you get your choir into shape. "Will prove useful for almost everyone" -Rhinegold Music Teacher Magazine. "This is a great resource to add to one's library of rehearsal tricks." - Anacrusis, ACCC, Canada "Bumblebee contains excellent new ideas and extensions on some of those well-known warm-ups that we all love to use. Backed by clear explanations of the purpose of each, it is a must have, particularly for less experienced choral directors." - S Turner, PLC, Sydney. "Vocal physiology, singing pedagogy, and effective vocal examples to practise are excellently combined in Bumble Bee, making it a kind of 'one stop shop' for singing teachers and choir conductors. The vocal work is fun with music examples ranging in difficulty, catering for a variety of vocal contexts. The rounds are invaluable in themselves, offering participants many opportunities to make beautiful music. I even use some of these vocal exercises with my tertiary drama students, as they encourage vocal health and illustrate how the vocal mechanism works. I would highly recommend this resource to anyone who cares about voices and loves to sing well!" - S. Chapman, QLD "This is really good stuff for all kinds of vocal groups, choirs, conductors. Bravo!!" - Harrie Spronken, Netherlands. "This is the thinking person's guide to training a choir! Love it." - Margaret May, Australia. "It's great to have some fresh warm-ups to add to the repertory. Being short and repetitive by their nature, we need lots of different ones and most of these are new to my choir. The tips for actions and techniques etc. are really useful, and the advice at the back of the book has made me review some of my strategies." - Philip Duffy, UK.

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