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BG Franck Bichon

BG Franck Bichon is one of the first French producers of wind instrument accessories.
BG France has more than 300 items on sale. From midrange to professional level products including ligatures, straps, pads, stands, saxophone sets, heated pads, pillows and other cleaning accessories.

In 1985, Franck Bichon is 25, he created a company to develop and exploit innovations in sound quality on ligatures designed by his father Serge Bichon , emeritus professor of saxophone at the Conservatory of Lyon, France .

Frank Bichon has always been looking for the passion, the product's quality and comfort for the musicians, building on innovation.

After graduating in european management in England, Frank Bichon developed a diversification strategy, with the goal of providing the widest range of products as a high-end designer and manufacturer of wind instrument's accessories.

Frank Bichon spends 4 months a year in professionnal fairs in the whole world to promote the French expertise of BG, but also to discover and listen to the musician's expectations in order to design and develop new products.

The BG brand provides 300 products, sold in 80 countries, exports 85% of his production, sell 1 product per minute in the world (1/3 are sold under the brand name of an instrument's manufacturer).