A Second Piano Book For Little Jacks And Jills

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As part of Irene Rodgers' series especially planned for young children eager to learn the Piano, A Second Piano Book For Little Jacks And Jills is a fun and engaging way to get started. The 25 short (3-4 lines) songs have titles such as Funny Little Elf ManWaltz of the Dolls andTiptoeing through the Daisies which spark the imagination, making it easy to create stories around them, thus making practice an even more enjoyable time. Most of the songs also have charming drawings by Joanne Wood, which can be coloured in with pencils, crayons or paint, making the experience even more interactive. The additional 4 blank pages at the end of the book allow for further artistic expressions.

Instead of the confusing Italian musical terms many, even beginner-level books use, short and clear instructions are given in English. To make progress at the end of the book visible, the last song, Jumping Mud Puddle, is longer than previous ones, but this will be played with ease by a young pianist who has completed the other exercises in the book.

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