DiY (Do it Yourself) Electric Bass

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With DiY Electric Bass there are no limitations to how, when, or where you learn. This clear and easy-to-follow approach is your blueprint to playing right away. No teacher is necessary since lessons are simple to follow---with corresponding video lessons and audio accompaniments. The included media is available to stream or download, so you can watch video lessons, hear examples, and play along anywhere you have a computer or mobile device. 

Do it yourself---even if you have never touched a bass! No prior musical knowledge is needed. Make your dreams come true with this perfectly priced book and media package.

The Parts of the Bass  
How to Hold Your Bass  
The Right Hand  
Proper Hand Position  
Using Your Fingers  
Using a Pick  
The Left Hand  
Proper Hand Position  
Placing a Finger on a String  
Tuning Your Bass  
Using the Online Media  
Tuning to a Piano or Keyboard  
Tuning the Bass to Itself  
Pitch Pipes and Electronic Tuners  
The Basics of Reading Music  
The Staff  
The Bass Clef  
Measures (Bars)  
Reading TAB  
Counting Time  
Four Kinds of Notes  
Time Signatures  
Notes on the 1st String G  
Notes on the 2nd String D  
Combining Notes on the G & D Strings  
Notes on the 3rd String A  
Up-Stems & Down-Stems  
The A Natural Minor Scale  
Sharps & Naturals  
Notes on the 4th Fret  
Notes on the 4th String E  
Note Finding Review  
The Key of F Major  
The F Major Scale  
Key Signatures  
The Key of B-flat Major  
The B-flat Major Scale  
Eighth Notes  
Licks in the Keys of F & B-flat  
The Key of G Major  
The 2nd Position  
The G Major Scale  
Good King Wenceslas  
The 3rd Position  
The Key of C Major  
The C Major Scale  
The Slide  
Accented Notes  
Ties & Syncopation  
Syncopation in the Keys of C, G, F, & B-flat  
The Dotted Quarter Note  
Combining Dotted Quarter Notes, Accents, & Slides  
Rock Licks with Syncopation  
High C-sharp (or D-flat) & D  
The Key of D Major  
The D Major Scale  
Joy to the World  
Rock Licks in the Keys of G, C, & D  
Sixteenth & Dotted Eighth-Note Rhythms  
Shuffle Rhythm Bass Lines  
The Key of A Major  
The A Major Scale  
Incomplete Measures  
Licks in the Key of A  
The Key of E Major  
The E Major Scale  
High D-sharp (or E-flat) & E  
The Two-Octave E Major Scale  
Licks in the Key of E  
Bass Fingerboard Chart  


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