The twelve string guitar is almost identical to the conventional six string guitar. The only difference is the amount of strings. The E,A,D & G strings are tuned an octave apart and the B & E strings are tuned in unison. This tuning give the twelve string guitar a jangly sound that can be heard on many famous songs such as;

Pantera - Suicide Note America - Horse With No Name Bob Dylan - Hurricane Supertramp - Give A Little Bit David Bowie - Space Oddity The Who - Substitute Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven Boston - More Than A Feeling Tom Petty - Free Falling The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn The Beatles - Ticket To Ride Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here The Eagles- Hotel California

To play a twelve string does not require any additional technique, the player simply presses two strings at once instead of one. Mann's Music stock a large range of twelve string guitars and we are experts in this field.