Festival Fever Over For Another Year

Festival Fever Over For Another Year

You might think the end of October would be far too late for a music festival in the which involved camping out, but you’d be wrong.   Rocktoberfest , being held on the last weekend in October in nippy Nuneaton features a blend of rock music and bikes, combined with the obligatory camping. 

The weekend just about signals an end to the festival fever which has now engulfed the whole of the music scene - with festivals from Lands End to John O’Groats and just about everywhere in between. Music and food, music and bikes, music and surfers, folk music, heavy metal music, you name it, there is a music festival about it. 

Fender guitars and Roland keyboards are regularly travelling around the country as bands tour from one venue to another.   When Glastonbury started back in 1970 it was one of only a handful of music festivals in the country but 42 years later the trend seems to have caught on somewhat. In addition to the music festivals there are also now dozens of “festivals in a day” – gigs featuring a line-up of acts, usually on stage for around 45 mins each, culminating a headline act with a slightly longer slot. 

Probably the most featured music event of all time is Live Aid, broadcast in July 1985 from London Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia in the . Famously, Phil Collins appeared at both, jetting across the Atlantic on Concorde in order to make the concert which began 6 hours behind due to the time difference. 

Other notable concerts through the years have included the Nelson Mandela concert, where it was rumoured that Stevie Wonder’s Roland Piano had been stolen. Actually, what had been taken was a disc containing all of Wonders backing tracks. Unable to perform without it, Wonder turned around and left the stage, reportedly in tears. He returned 10 minutes later and his band played on Whitney Houston’s equipment with Wonder shouting out the key and note changes as he went along. It’s not known whether the hard drive was ever recovered.